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Featuring Top of the Line 24 Unit
Energy Enhancement System!

The 24 field-generating units are precisely aligned to create a quantum bio-photonic field of life-enhancing frequencies that bathe you in pure light energy. 

"In the right frequency, your body can heal anything and everything."   
Dr. Sandra Michael

"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies."
Albert Einstein

Break Throughs in Healing Technology!




What is the Energy Healing Room?


The Energy Healing Room has been developed to create a synchronistic environment for the enhancement of your Mind, Body and Soul. The overall goal is for each person to boost their natural energy, their immune system and their overall body functions to grow and to live their best life possible.


Owner of the Energy Healing Room with over 20 years of experience working with individuals and groups, Kim Lund, is a Mind, Body, and Spirit Coach and is a master of many modalities in the energy and healing fields. 

Kim is now bringing the wonderful technology of The Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) to Northern California. Kim has direct connections with the creator and developer of the EESystem, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. Through their discussions and in Kim’s direct experience in using the EESystem at several locations, Kim has created a customized experience to share with groups and individuals that is focused on the Enhancement of Your Well-being. 


What to Expect in Our EESystem


​When you come in to our EESystem Room, The Fountain, you will see 24 computers/monitors positioned on 8 towers precisely tuned (within 1/100 of an inch) to directly face one another across the room. They are elevated on 61″ high cabinets. This pattern has been carefully calibrated to form a “Perfect Square”. This configuration creates the most stable Toroidal Field.

The computers, generate Scalar Waves (discovered by Nikola Tesla in 1922), which collide in the center of the room, creating a vortex. In like manner, the monitors generate photons, which also collide in the center of the room, creating another vortex or Photon Fountain. These photons attach themselves to the Scalar Waves creating a Toroidal Field, which then accelerates to 1.4 times the speed of light!

How does this influence my biology?

We don’t claim the EESystem heals you of any disorder. What it does accomplish, is to activate your body’s innate healing systems. Your body wants to heal! Give it what it needs!

What other frequencies have been programmed into the EESystem?

In addition to the Scalar Waves, World Renowned Physicist, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael (often referred to as the modern-day Nikola Tesla) has programmed in dozens of other frequencies shown to have a positive affect on our biology:

What Frequencies Will I Experience?

  • Schumann resonance (cell regeneration)

  • Rife frequencies

  • Rainforest frequencies

  • Ocean frequencies

  • Dolphin/whale frequencies

  • PEMF frequencies (Bemer)

  • Grounding frequencies (barefoot on damp earth)


How Do These Frequencies Affect Me?

  • Increased Cell Voltage from as low as 20 mV to 80 to 90 mV (cancer thrives in 20 mV, but cannot proliferate in an environment greater than 70 mV)

  • 28% Reduction Surface Tension of Water = 200% increase in Cell Hydration

  • Autophagy – triggered by Fasting or 2 Hours in an EESystem (fasting not necessary) This video is a “must watch…”

  • Increased Mitochondrial Function – 400-500% (mitochondria are the engines that drive all your cells)

  • Optimal Connection of L/R Brain Hemispheres – Feel “Grounded”, Experience Mental Clarity, Positive Thoughts/Emotions

  • Happy! (now on the “rare & endangered species” list…)

For decades a European Physicist/Geneticist struggled to understand why humans only have 23 pair of chromosomes. He stated “I searched throughout the entire known universe, and nowhere did I find anything existing in increments of 23. So I set out on a search to find the 24th pair of chromosomes in humans and, after two years, I finally found them. They exist in the Quantum Field!“

When I shared this information with Dr. Michael, her response was

“That makes perfect sense!”

Since the EESystem is generating Quantum Energy while you’re in the field, does this mean that potentiating your 24th pair of chromosomes is an integral part of your body’s innate healing?

Click on this PDF to learn more about the EE System:

Private Membership (REQUIRED AND FREE)

As this is a private facility, a Private Membership is required in order to book appointments.  You will need to create a Membership in order to book appointments.  Use the Forms link to complete your Membership and Liability Waiver  Release form.  Once you have submitted your Membership, you can book your first appointment using the Book Online link.  

Cancellation Policy:  Cancel at least 48 hours prior to appointment to receive full refund.  If cancellation is less than 48 hours prior to appointment, only 40% of the original cost will be refunded.


Session Discounts


Several packages are available to make these sessions affordable to everyone. 

We strongly recommend trying a few single sessions of your choice prior to investing in a package as PACKAGES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE OR SHARABLE.

Military Discount (50% off 2 Hour EE System Sessions ONLY)

In order to thank our veteran's/active duty for their service to our country, we are offering a 50% discount on 2-hour EE System session ONLY!  Please show VA card, military ID, or any proof of service to receive discount. The packages are already deeply discounted so it is only valid on the 2 hour EESystem session. Military members ONLY. Discounts cannot be combined.

To receive discount, use the Book Online link and go to Explore Packages.  Select the Vet Member ONLY package.


UnifyD TV Discount (10% off 2 Hour EESystem Sessions ONLY - Does not apply to already discounted packages) 

You must Join UnifyD.TV to receive 10% off your 2-hour EESystem sessions ONLY. Use button below to join.  UNIFYD TV is more than just another video streaming platform. It is a movement that stands for unifying humanity through spreading higher awareness and positive entertainment. If you join, you MUST bring your receipt for proof of purchase to your appointment for confirmation.  Discounts cannot be combined.

Please CALL to receive instructions to apply discount.

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