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Miracle Story: severe anxiety/depression,
severe knee pain and MS!


For 4 months my hands, knees and hips were all swelled up. Went to Kaiser and they said it was osteoarthritis....osteo is rarely bi-lateral( I think it was the jab). They said just take ibuprofen or I poked around the internet and miraculously found a video of Dr Sandra Rose Michael. Hopeful and intrigued I was able to find Kim Lund in Roseville. She told me to check out the medallion and bracelet till she was up and running. I them about 4 weeks ago on a friday afternoon.....saturday morning the swelling was GONE!! There is some pain in my joints but it is manageable.

Very excited to sit with the machine that energized a handful of stones that took care of my pain!  Thank you KIM!!!!

Joe B

Within moments of walking into my EE System session yesterday, I experienced a quieting of the usual mental chatter and quickly eased into a peaceful, expanded state of consciousness. All tension drained away, and I was able to pray and meditate and focus on my healing intentions for the 2 hour session. I experienced the energy moving to areas of my body that needed support, and quickly releasing any discomfort there. Afterwards, I felt in a profoundly expanded, loving state, with all physical aches and pains washed away. Can't wait to return! Thank you, Kim, for bringing this amazing healing tool to our area.

Colette D

After 1 year of medical attention for her heart palpitations and constant throbbing and pounding sound in her head, they are gone after 16 hours in the EESystem.
Chiyoko Urabe Lawai, Kauai

AAAAA+++++The best thing could’ve happened to me. Great improvement mentally, physically, emotionally!I do appreciate every opportunity I have had. Thank you

Julianna F.

First time today, I’m so relaxed, I feel high! Love it! Can’t wait to go again! So grateful to Dr Michael’s technology and these centers! Truly a blessing

Kelly D. 

Whatever happened in that room made my body very heavy in the chair and I slept very deeply for the whole time.  I also felt tingling like you would on a PEMF device.  Bought my package right after.

Erin F.

My first visit sat for 2 hours yesterday. Woke up today with a flair up of Gout in my big toe. And a lump in my neck that comes and goes from old motorcycle wreck. Staying positive wondering is my body pushing these things to the surface. I ordered the medallion. And will be giving more time in front of monitors.

Steve S. 

First-Time Experience- Effects I Noticed -- not necessarily a testimony 1. Immediately after session, I was thinking about 50% clearer and faster, as well as moving 25% faster. 2. While the session was taking place, digestion was taking place, as well, at a much faster pace. I had to Urinate 3 times during 2 hr session. 3. After the session, repetitive-strain syndrome Thumb pain was down 75%, stayed at 35% day for this first week I am writing this 4. While in session, I was able to see phosgene thru my closed eyes in meditation much clearer, and in a more of a left-right symmetric balance. 5. Toes seemed to become flushed with blood in my shoes, they tingled. I eventually had to take my tennis shoes off.

Andrew L.

A couple weeks ago I had expressed to my companion that, though I do not feel suicidal, I feel directionless, with nothing to live for. Toward the end of my session today I felt a resurgence of interest in my lifelong passion and profession: sewing. After 38 days in the hospital this past August and Sept, my sewing machines and the rest of my equipment have sat idle, collecting dust and I just didn’t care. After the session today, I felt brighter and calmer than I have in a long time. Maybe I’ll even be able to sleep comfortably tonight!

In all since July of this year, I have now had 8 hours of this energy healing, 6 hours in LV with Dr. Stellar and 2 with your studio. I think Dr. Stellar saved my life and after today I feel I can again go forward again with my life! Thanks so much. 

Linda M.

After my first 2hour session I couldn’t believe the energy I was experiencing. Prior to the treatment I was living a sedentary life due to back pain and leg/knee pain and I was so excited to be able to see family and friends on Christmas Day. That is a rare occurrence.

Twyla V.

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"After many years of pain in my back, I must say the treatments have helped it tremendously.  I can play golf again.  Its also helped my off balance problems.  So far so good.

This time I actually felt the waves of energy from the system."

James A.

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