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Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) 

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Ph.D, DNM, DCSJl, has developed a healing technology that may even be more advanced than what many refer to as “MedBed Technology”.

This stunning technology, developed over 20 years by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael uses custom-installed computers to generate morphogenic energy fields that can promote healing. The EE System has been recognized at dozens of medical, scientific and professional conferences around the world.  See interview with Dr. Michael and Jason Shurka in video at the bottom of this page.

Kim Lund's Story, Energy Healing Room Owner

The following is Kim’s testimonial about her experiences with the EESystem and how it assisted her with a frustrating and somewhat debilitating lifelong challenge, dealing with Anxiety and PTSD.

“I joined the US Air Force after high school and it turned out to be a very stressful environment for me. I was stationed and lived on base at Hahn AFB in Germany where I trained and was exposed to constantly doing war game drills. The training was incredibly intense as unplanned alarms went off with no notice and we had to prepare for the possibility of nuclear or chemical attack. If that wasn’t stressful enough, I got married, pregnant and had a baby in a place where I had no friends or family and didn’t speak a word of German. My memories of this time haunted me for many years after I returned to the United States. Like many Veterans, I kept my stress, fears and anxiety private and tried to deal with it the best that I could."

Fast forward to the present. “After many years of searching for answers, I learned of the Energy Enhancement System and the breakthrough research of Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. After reading many testimonials and watching a UnifyD video interview with Jason Shurka, I decided that I had to try it out as my PTSD was continuing to affect my daily life. I made a clear and conscious intention to find a permanent solution for my PTSD. I did not want to follow the mainstream route of using addictive and mind-numbing pharma drugs as my solution.

So, I drove 8 hours to Las Vegas to try out and experience the EESystem. I spent 4 hours in the room over a two day period. From my research, I learned that I would achieve the best results if I detached myself from my fears and anxieties and intentionally focused on my breathing. After 30 minutes of struggling to remain present and not let my mind race, I suddenly felt relief in my chest and head and suddenly a wave of relaxation ran through my body and mind. Then, another emotional release hit and took me by surprise. It felt like a gut punch and I grabbed my stomach and held it for two minutes until the feeling miraculously disappeared. Looking back at the experience, I realize that this is what I had been looking for. My emotional and physical cords that had been holding me back from living and experiencing my full and healthy life were now gone. During the remainder of the session, I was able to truly relax again and think with clarity and calmness. Relief at last!

To this day, my PTSD and Anxiety have not returned and all of the traumatic memories that I carried with me no longer affect my life or my relationships on a personal and professional level."


As you may know, I have great empathy for humanity and in serving others. I now want to share my EESystem success and bring this experience to help you, your family, friends and associates to assist in your healing and health.

My team and I invite you to join our group and experience our 24 panel EESystem at our “Energy Healing Room” in Roseville, CA. Our new website,, has a lot of healthful resources and good information about how the system works. We are also adding an on-line booking feature to the website.

Let’s all create a better future. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Love, Kim

"A technology that dissolved a 12.5-centimeter cystic fibroid in my aunt’s uterus in a period of only 4 hours."


Jason Shurka (see video below) 


What EESystem Can Do For You

The EESystem can help you achieve your maximum potential by recharging your energy.  Imagine what this can do for you!  We’ve put together a sample of users experiences after trying the EESystem.  Remember, every individual experience is different.

  • Feelings of Calmness, Harmony, Zen, Oneness, Peace, Relaxation

  • Natural Healing & Rejuvenation

  • Sense of Increased Energy

  • Relief from Depression

  • More Emotionally Clear & Free

  • Rapid Post Surgical Healing

  • Improved Inner Direction

  • Less Attachment to Past Traumas

  • Being more Present

  • Better Response to Stressors

  • Detoxification

  • Peak Performance

  • Better Mental Health

  • Relief from Severe Pain

  • Living in the Now

  • Improved Existentially

  • Improved Blood Profiles

  • Mental Flexibility/Charity

  • Improved Spontaneity

  • Improved Time Competency

  • Living more Authentically

  • Improved Self-Acceptance

  • Sense of Self-Awareness

  • Super Learning States

  • Self-Confidence & Self-Love



A New Era of Well-Being

The Energy Enhancement System combines Body, Mind, Spirit & Science to help you achieve peak performance and reach higher states of health, consciousness and self-actualization. The Energy Healing Room is the only public 24-Unit BioScalar Energy Enhancement Systems in Placer County.  

The Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) generates multiple bio-active life-enhancing energy fields, including “scalar waves” which can allow cell regeneration, improve circulation and immune function, reduce inflammation, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate moods and assist in balancing R/L brain balance for optimal meditation and sleep states, increasing cell membrane potential, mitochondrial and stem cell activity and energy levels for optimum function. 

Our EESystem Quantum Healing Zone allows you to lie back in a comfortable chair in the hyper-healthy frequency environment of the EESystem and fall into a relaxed or meditative state.  The 24 field-generating units are precisely aligned to create a quantum bio-photonic field of life-enhancing frequencies that bathe you in pure light energy.  

Many find this frequency bath to be calming, reassuring and stress relieving. The body responds to the field with its innate wisdom, allowing the recalibration of the body to homeostasis or it's perfect balance. 

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