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Answers to Everyday Inquiries

What is an EESystem Session?

People stay in the EESystem for anywhere from 120 minutes to 4 or even 6 hours.  You will relax in a comfortable Zero Gravity chair, free of phones and other distractions.  You will be surrounded with 24 panels of deep healing Scalar energy.  See the Testimonials page for experiences of those who have tried the system in different centers.


Depending on your personal situation and desired results, it is suggested you visit us several times a week at first, then as often as you can.  Cost effective packages are available.  Click on the Book Online link and select Explore Packages to view all packages.  


It is strongly recommended you do a detox bath (either full body or foot) within 24 hours of being in the EESystem.  See Sea Salt Bath Recipe below.

How Can I Book a Session?

You must first sign-up to Become a Member prior to booking appointments.  To Become a Member, please go to the Forms page and complete the Membership and Liability Release form.  Once you have successfully submitted your form, you can select services and book your appointmentWE DO NOT ACCEPT WALK-IN APPOINTMENTS! You must purchase & book your appointments online. 

How can I find out what healing path is right for me?

Your membership includes a free phone consultation where you can discuss the healing path that is right for you.

How Do I Prepare for a Session?

Set a strong intention for what you desire to create NOT what you don’t desire to create. Example:  So for health you will set your intention for health not focused on getting rid of cancer etc. but seeing your body in it's perfect state of health.  "Every cell in my body is healthy and well".  This is probably one of the most important points before coming into the energy room.  If you need help to set a positive intention, please ask Kim before coming to your session.  Come to your session very hydrated for best results.

What Do I Bring to My EESystem Session?

Personal eye covers, if sensitive to light, ear plugs because with others in the room there may be a few disturbances.  Also bring a small blanket and small pillow if need.  Make yourself as comfortable as possible.  Bring your own personal water container that can be opened and closed quietly.

No Cell phones or electronic devices.  Please leave at home or in car as this facility will not be held liable for any devices left in basket at front desk.

What Do I Do While in the Healing Room?

Quietly sitting in a zero-gravity chair, close your eyes and breathe deeply into the cells of your body this pure energy to help cleanse and activate your body to do its own healing. This tells your body, mind and spirit that you are loved and supported.  Please no talking except to practitioner.  Stay focused on your healing.  Stay hydrated during session as a lot of toxins are being released from the body.

How Many Sessions will I Need to Heal?

A 2 hour minimum is needed to start to get the best results.  In this case, more is better.  Everyone's experience is different and some will feel the benefits sooner than others.  It will only assist all levels of your being to continue to heal itself in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas.  It’s an environment that you will love to be in as much as possible.

Why is a Sea Salt Bath after EESysem Session Important?

The Salt Bath cleanses the toxins from the body, so they aren’t held within the body.   The body needs a way to fully excrete the toxins from the body after sessions or the toxins may remain in the body possibly causing nausea, headaches, etc.  See the Salt Bath Recipe/Protocol below.                         

Salt Bath Recipe.jpeg

Do I Need to Drink More Water for an EESystem Session?

Yes, you do need to drink more water.  Energy needs water to move and exist.  It is best to drink water before, during and most importantly after the session.  Helps to hydrate and remove the toxins.

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